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Business card

  • Client: Jasmine Ho

  • Requirements:
    - Yellow-based background
    - Mandarin version and English version
    - Easy to read and understand the hierarchy.

  • Tool use:



Business card


New Taipei City, Taiwan


December 2022


In this project, the client asked me to redesign the business card for her company. She has given me some previous versions of the company's business card, and she requests to make the text bigger so that the font is able to be read and understood. She also mentioned that yellow is her lucky colour, so she wants to add this colour to the business card design, which also symbolises that luck is always surrounding her.





Before going into the design process, the client mentioned that her company are currently having these three main design practices services going on, which are interior design, landscape design, and exterior design. Hence, she wants these three elements could be showcased on the business card in a simple but easily understood way to let people have a big picture of what this company are doing when they receive the business card immediately. These three types of design practices are sort of similar in a way but also very different at the same time. So, as a designer is a challenge for me to gather these three elements together.

Key process:

These three business card designs are the final versions for the client to select which one should be the final outcome. In this phase, they all got some similarities but, at the same time, slightly different arrangments. 

The left one is a portrait version that contains the company's original logo as a hero impression on the personal details side. On the other side, I have created a geometric illustration that includes interior, landscape, and exterior design elements. The middle and the right version are more similar. The only difference is that the right one got leaves as a background to support the landscape elements in the design. For the rest of the design in these two versions, I have redesigned the logo for the company, which uses the initials of the company "Y.Y.", to create a house and tree, which symbolise that this company is able to grow like a tree. And at the very bottom, some leaves underneath the house complete the whole image that I wanted to create for this company. But at the same time, I have also kept the original logo on the business card.


I am delighted with the outcome. And this final version of the business card is exactly what I want for my company and shows the personality of how the company looks like. - Jasmine Ho

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