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Everyday Objects -
Airpods case & Chesses
  • Client: Samuel Berkoh

  • Requirements:
    - Create a combination of everyday objects.
    - Using camera tools in Maya to create depth-of-field images and animation.

  • Tool use:



Airpods case


Melbourne, Australia


May 2022


In this project, designers are supposed to utilise the techniques learned from the past few weeks to create an animation. Designers can choose any objects they will use in their daily life or something existing in their room. Through the discussion with the client to get approval from him, we can proceed to the next step of the design process.


The first challenge I faced was the shape of the AirPods themselves and their case. They needed to be formed using various techniques, which left me struggling for a while with where to begin. However, I referred back to the previous tutorial the client gave us and decided to start by building a sphere to create the AirPods. It took me about a week to develop the case and AirPods as I continually refined their appearance and strived to achieve the perfect shape.

Key Process:

In order to create the animation. There are multiple ways to create cameras in Maya and use camera movements to smooth the final animation. For this project, I am using the "Ubercam" technique which can quickly move the camera by typing the numbers in the property sections so that the camera position is able to stay on the same horizon as I wanted it to be. However, still, need to be careful with the camera movements; once you lose control of it, it will influence the whole animation. So it is good to have several Ubercam for different angles and shots. Once you get them all done in Maya and export out from it. Designers are tablet o edit them easily in after effects or premiere pro. 

Final animation


For me is a bit quick for the final animation, the movement of the ubercam can be a little bit slower so that I can see more details. But great work on challenging yourself on these non-easy shapes. - Samuel Berkoh

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