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ByJango -
BOSEM perfume

  • Client: ByJango

  • Requirements:
    - Collection of one of the signature scents.
    - Bottle design
    - Package design

  • Target user: 21-35 years old

  • Tool use:

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Melbourne, Australia


October 2022


Our client ByJango is a new perfume brand scheduled to launch in Australia in 2024. As an Experience Designer, is to create a narrative and a theme that helps establish the range so that it appeals to a young, health-conscious, ethical and trendy global audience. Within six different fragrances, each designer in the design team needs to choose one of them and create their own package design, label design, and bottle design. Designers can create their logo for the perfume but must keep the original ByJango logo on the package and label design.

Jamada_presentation slides7.jpg

The challenge is to stand out in a very competitive marketplace. Each product in the range should have a distinctive emotive appeal to reflect its character and individuality. In our design team, we have chosen three different fragrances from the list obtained by ByJango. The reason why we chose these three fragrances is that they all got flowers as their base scents. Hence we tried to develop our design concept with nature and human beings, but at the same time, with still wanted these three perfume collections are able to achieve unisex so that no particular scent belongs to which specific gender. 

Later, we came up with the mother brand story and our concept description: byJango represents a natural, organic and botanical fragrance brand. Perfume is an essential part of almost everyone’s life nowadays. ByJango aims to help people find themselves and give a smell of calmness in their lives. Through every stage of our lives, student or adult, at some point, we feel stressed, lost or low. For those days, byJango wants to be with you to help you smell fresh, natural and botanical. By searching a bit further, things like body type and skin tones help to make purchase decisions easier. For example, a person who knows what type of clothing, jewellery or skincare would sit the best on their body and skin makes them feel more confident. Similarly, using the same concept, every individual has a unique smell, byJango is there to help them understand.

Furthermore, by being 100% organic, natural and ethically sourced, it is kind to the skin, long-lasting, and fades naturally. Based on the three colour tones: cool, warm, and neutral to make this brand more approachable, customers can customise their own products. byJango is there to be a part of their daily morning and night routine. It is not just perfume; it is you, a human scent. Our target audience is 21-35, which means the overall concept is based on ‘connection’, a relationship between body shapes, skin tones, and human beings. For customers, byJango is a brand that supply them towards a more niche market and a variety of choices that can help them to pick up a more suitable perfume depending on their decisions and mood. A questionnaire could be implemented in the process of interacting with the customers. This gives off more engaging touches to our brand identity.

Key process:

In the sketching process, I have chosen two types of the most common body shape within males and females - Broad and Hourglass. To create the perfume bottle design, in order to get the actual size for the perfume, I also did some photo studies on the size of a normal 100 ml perfume bottle' size so that when I built the model in cinema 4D I am able to fit the standards and don't need to scale up or down when they start to produce this product in the reality. Our team have brainstormed around skin tone colours, human body shapes, and the relationship with nature. Hence, we finally came up with three basic foundation human skin tone colours to define our perfumes in three different nature vibes which are cold, warm, and neutral. Cold stands for ice, warm stands for the sun, and neutral stands for rock.


After the sketching process, I started to find some mock-ups to try the shapes and the feeling that I wanted to create for the final perfume bottle. In addition, the textures of the bottle and what kind of materials I wanted to make for the packaging are essential elements during this investigation process. It helps me arrange my mind and ideas through those mock-ups so that I can have a clear direction for the next step, the modelling phase.

bottle design-21.jpg
bottle design-16.jpg

Bosem’s design concept is based on the skin colour tone, which is related to byJango’s key concept idea -- neutral, cool, and warm. And I am doing “cool”, so my colour palettes are all based on colours suitable for cool skin tone people. The first two alphabets of the perfume name “Bosem” have similar pronunciations in Mandarin and Korean. In Mandarin, there’s a word called 包含, and in Korean, there’s also a word called 포함; they both share an incredible meaning which is “include” upon this significant meaning, I want to have further development on it. To create a perfume that makes people feel inclusive and included anywhere, anytime, any moment.

Furthermore, the ideas for the bottle shape are also based on the body shape concepts, so my bottle design is like a tiny human being with an hourglass and broad body shape style. Also, I want to add some sensory design to it so the customer is not only approached by the smell but also by how it looks and how it creates a feeling or atmosphere for customers. Our team developed the skin tone ideas for the packaging design, which is what was the natural object/ element when customers heard those keywords. According to this idea, in my opinion, an “ice cube” might be a suitable object and, at the same time, a natural element for my packaging design. Moreover, when customers look at the packaging design, they can immediately feel the cool atmosphere through the shape of an ice cube.

Social Media advertisement for the outcome.


Strong ideas on designing the perfume bottle work immensely well for the outcome. - CEO of ByJango

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