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Yun-Jiang - 
Creamy light luxury model room

  • Client: Yun Jiang Construction Company

  • Requirements:
    - Lighter tone luxury style
    - One master bedroom
    - Two guest rooms
    - Target user: Young couples.

  • Tool use:



Model room


New Taipei City, Taiwan


February 2023


In this case, the client requested that our design team propose a slightly lighter tone for the luxury model room. Given the project's location, the target demographic consists of young couples who have recently married and are searching for a new home. Consequently, the floor plan includes one master bedroom for the primary occupants and two guest rooms for any visiting friends or family members.


During the project, the most challenging aspect is defining a slightly luxurious concept. If the client requests luxury interior design, our design team incorporates essential elements such as gold metal and marble stone for the furniture and TV wall. However, if the client wants a slightly luxurious concept, we can add other design elements, like wooden veneers or wooden columns, on the wall. I like to incorporate various ideas to avoid dullness in interior spaces. However, the client believes that a lighter tone of wooden veneer does not fit the project's Japandi-style concept.

Fortunately, after presenting our proposed ideas and showcasing previous projects, we were able to communicate with the client effectively. We explained that using multiple materials in this slightly luxurious model room not only insists on our design ideas but also lowers the budget. Through this experience, I realized that every individual has a unique definition of a particular concept. It takes time to communicate with clients to help them understand that mixing similar concepts or styles can create new, unique styles tailored to their project.


For the foyer part, maybe can have another version with storage that stores target users' shoes. - Sales manager

The style of the ceiling is great conceals the beam, since in this project there are lots of beams around each space and need to cleverly hide them or decorate them in a certain way. - CEO of Yun-Jiang Construction Company

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