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ByJango -
Bosem perfume pop-up store
  • Client: ByJango

  • Customer Experience:
    - Interaction with three different spaces
    - Allow creating their perfume by themselves - Instead of feeling this shop as a perfume store but more like an exhibition
    - Sensory experience through different sections

  • Target user: 21-35 years old

  • Tool use:



Pop-up store


Melbourne, Australia


November 2022


For this collection, byJango delivers a brand new concept inspired by nature and basic elements around our daily life - ice, rock, and sun. Based on fundamental human skin colour tones - cool, neutral, and warm, we create these environments for customers to interact with. Three caves have three totally different nature vibes. Those spaces will include different scents, backgrounds, and colours.


Customers are able to enter the spaces based on their skin tone colour. At the end of this entire pop-up store, customers can make their own perfume based on the foundation ingredients of this perfume collection.


We aim to include sensory design in this space by collaborating with smell, vision, and feeling to create interaction with products and spaces. In addition, using timber and green elements create a natural environment for the first impression, symbolising the spirit of the BOSEM collection - people in different body shapes and skin tone colours are all embraced by nature. This pop-up store showcases the perfume collection and, more importantly, lets customers feel enjoyable and welcome.


People in their young generation quickly get positive or negative comments from friends, family, and others around them. Bosem is a perfume that combines the hourglass and overall body shape bottle design to introduce that body all types of body shapes are welcoming and that there is nothing wrong with different types of body shapes. 

By taking the word pronunciation from Bosem, it represents and delivers the message that doesn’t be embarrassed or shamed of your body type. Be yourself, embrace yourself, and enjoy happiness while using this perfume. 

IMG_0401 1.png
Untitled_Artwork 1.png
Key Process:

After finalizing the floor plan, I began arranging the furniture in its proper position. This version is the ultimate floor plan because it facilitates smooth customer movement throughout the pop-up store. The primary circulation of the interior design allows for a seamless exploration of every small space.

The central theme of this pop-up store is based on the "BOSEM" collection's concept of embracing one's body shape and self-love. Therefore, incorporating circular and curved elements throughout the design symbolises the perfume's philosophy. These curves create divisions and partitions that further enhance the metaphorical representation of the fragrance.

Moodboard - pop-up store interior design concept.png

Creating mood boards for each space and the whole aesthetics.
- colour palette
- shape using
- design elements for each space

These steps give both client and designer a more precise direction of what will going to happen for the tangible outcome and prepare for the next step of the design process, which is building a 3d model for the client to check out if there are any small problems need to solve.

Bosem_pop-up store-2016_iso.png
Bosem_pop-up store-2016_iso_2.png
Bosem_pop-up store-2016_iso_3.png

In this process of building a three-dimensional model using Sketchup to ensure that each space is located correctly and that the colour tones match the intended ambience of each area. Although I am starting this project in the final phase of the design process, it allows me to showcase my concept through isometric views. These views help me to explain my ideas clearly, and the most important concept showcased will be physically transferred into the store for the clients to experience.

Final video demonstration for the client.


I am happy to see the final outcome showcased as an animation that clearly shows the circulation of the space when target users go into the shop. Great job in collaborating on all the skills that you have to create a project. - CEO of ByJango

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