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Yun-Jiang -
Grey gold tone luxury model room
  • Client: Yun Jiang Construction Company

  • Requirements:
    - Slightly darker tone luxury style
    - One master bedroom
    - Two kids' rooms (kids under 10-year-old)
    - Target user: Young couples with kids.

  • Tool use: 



Model room


New Taipei City, Taiwan


February 2023


In this case, the client approached our design team with the task of creating a luxury model room that showcases one of their four different floor plans. The chosen floor plan was room type A, and the client requested a slightly dark-toned design that would appeal to their target audience.

As a designer, I took a human-centred and sustainable approach to the project, considering not only the aesthetic preferences of the target audience but also their cultural beliefs and values. In particular, I recognized that "Feng Shui" - the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energy flows in the built environment - is an essential consideration for many Asian homebuyers.

To address this concern, I proposed a floor plan that incorporated fundamental Feng Shui principles, such as maximizing natural light and creating a sense of balance and harmony through the arrangement of furniture and decor. I worked closely with the architecture and construction companies to ensure these design elements were seamlessly integrated into the overall construction plan. The resulting luxury model room was visually stunning, culturally sensitive, and sustainable. By incorporating human-centred design principles and Feng Shui considerations, our team created a space that resonated with the target audience and helped the client successfully market their product.

original floor plan.png
proposed floor plan.png

In the original floor plan provided by the construction company, the electric stove immediately catches the eye upon entering through the entrance. However, this placement is not ideal for traditional Feng Shui principles. To address this, I have proposed an island for the kitchen and dining area, which serves as a boundary. Additionally, I have created an electrical equipment cabinet on the side of the kitchen island to enable residents to store and conceal their electrical equipment.

For the master bedroom, I have rearranged the layout so that the bed is positioned next to the window in accordance with human-centred design principles and the circulation of spaces. The ensuite bathroom is situated on the side of the plan. This repositioning optimizes the space's flow and improves the overall aesthetic.

Key Process:

These four essential materials form the core of the model room, ideally suited to the client's desired aesthetic and elevating its overall sense of luxury. By using marble to cover most of the large walls in the room, we capture the essence of the concept in its entirety. Incorporating wood veneers into the kitchen cabinets creates a subtle softness in the living and dining areas. Additionally, incorporating gold metal columns and decorative themes throughout the space enhances the luxurious ambience, as gold is a crucial material commonly associated with high-end interior design.


The beam above the tv wall and dividing the spaces between the cooking and dining areas could be more refined. In the 3D perspective view, it looks a bit wider because of the style of the ceiling. - Sales team

Due to the budget of this project, the pendant lightings for the living and dining areas need to be removed. - Sales manager

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